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LimePATH is a resin bound system that combines recycled rubber granules mixed into a resin-bound aggregate blend, producing high performance, light stable, environmentally-friendly paving. It requires no dig, meaning that it can be installed in hard to reach places – this is why it is perfect for pathways, in areas that heavy machinery cannot access.

The surfacing solution is both decorative and functional, with a degree of flex incorporated. It is completely SuDS compliant, meaning it can be used in areas where there is a flood risk by allowing water to flow into water courses. There is no risk of standing water, helping to make pathways more accessible.

All our surfacing systems are of the very highest quality, and LimePATH is no exception. We have strict quality control processes, and our aggregates are sourced in the UK, allowing us a great degree of control. We only allow the very best materials to be used in our surfacing systems, meaning better results for our customers.

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Features and

These are the features and benefits of the LimePATH system:

  • Compliant to BS EN ISO 166474-3 method A, cycle No 1 2000 hours
  • Tested to compressive and flexural strength standard BS EN 13892-2
  • Tested slip resistance in accordance with BS 8204-6:2008+A1:2010
  • SuDS compliant—highly permeable paving
  • UV stable resin will not discolour
  • Natural aggregates
  • Uses rubber granules recycled from truck tyres
  • Alternative to conventional paving
  • Flexible
  • Installed by approved contractors
  • Low maintenance
  • Applied at 35mm for paths and nature walks
  • Foot traffic after 24 hours at 20°C
  • Environmental benefits
  • Flexible and strong
  • Low maintenance
  • In excess of 500m² can be installed per day
  • Members of FeRFA—The Resin Bound Association

Dos and Don’ts with


Do …

  • Make sure aggregates blend with rubber
  • Use resin that meets industry standards
  • Use UV aliphatic resin
  • Use kiln dried aggregates
  • Buy a system from one supplier
  • Use a quality trowel aid
  • Buy from a FeRFA member
  • Check resin meets BS 8204-6 slip test regulations
  • Check iron rating for aggregates
  • Use a two-part UV resin
  • Read the health and safety datasheets
  • Time your mixes
  • Use approved contractors
  • Install a minimum of 35mm
  • Check granule PSV value
  • Install at 5oC and rising
  • Use a 6% ratio of resin to aggregate
  • Use the correct paddle and drill MR2
  • Use a force action mixer

Don’t …

  • Use rubber blend with aggregate
  • Simply buy the cheapest – do your research
  • Use non-UV resins
  • Use wet aggregate
  • Buy different parts from different suppliers
  • Use white spirit
  • Buy from an unaccredited supplier
  • Gamble on slip resistance
  • Use a three part (catalyst separate)
  • Ignore health and safety
  • Guess your mixing times
  • Buy based on price only
  • Take the sale over quality
  • Install under 35mm
  • Install glass unless it’s in a non-pedestrian area
  • Lay in cold and wet environments
  • Assume smaller packs meet standards
  • Under mix resins
  • Use a tumble mixer
  • Lay on blocks