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LimeTreePit Natural UV is a 40mm natural aggregate surface surround for planted trees. Surrounding the tree in a permeable construction which allows for water to feed the tree whilst keeping the tree pit free from rubbish and hazardous items. The structure allows rainwater to pass through being SuDS compliant. (Sustainable Drainage Systems) Available in a variety of colours due to the inclusion of a high performance UV stable resin the aggregate surface system. LimeTreePit is ideal for pedestrian and low vehicular traffic whilst still keeping the system decorative, functional, seamless and slightly flexible which is also low maintenance. Edgings created from brick, stone, timber or steel should be installed to retain and protect the system and prolong it’s life span.


  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Colour Swatch (Mix Blends)
  • Base build ups
  • Additional information

Slip resistance

All LimeTreePit Natural UV aggregate blends have been tested for slip resistance in accordance with: BS 8204-6:2008+A1:2010 Appendix B. All aggregate blends achieved ’low potential for slip’ in wet & dry conditions. Application of LimeTreePit Natural UV Anti-Slip Aggregate broadcast onto the surfacing during installation will significantly increase the slip resistance of the surface in the wet and on steep gradients without substantial change to the appearance.

Services available

  • Technical support
  • Installation and setup
  • Maintenance
  • Application support
  • Hardware support
  • Guaranteed warranty

Resin & aggregate

LimeTreePit Natural UV uses a UV resistant resin and will not yellow on exposure to UV light. This is a more attractive option than some other types of resin which can yellow and dramatically alter the appearance of the finished surface. The resin is formulated using aliphatic HDI which will not deteriorate or become brittle when exposed to UV light when tested to BS EN ISO 16474-3 method A The performance and appearance of the finished surface is dependent on the aggregate used (see LimeGate Solutions LimeTreePit mix blend swatch sheet for colour options). The LimeTreePit Natural UV aggregate blends have been designed to achieve strength, resilience, porosity and decoration.

Please Note:

Natural aggregates may contain small amounts of iron which can produce rust staining when exposed to air and water; standard LimeTreePit Natural UV blends contain aggregates selected for infrequency of incidence of staining but iron may be present in any natural aggregate. The presence of iron cannot be identified before use and Limegate Solutions cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of staining.

Shelf Life & Storage

Shelf life of LimeTreePit Natural UV Resin is 6 months, aggregates have an unlimited shelf life. Store materials in clean, dry, frost free warehouse conditions between 5°C and 25°C.
Protect from sunlight.

Features and benefits

  • UV stable will not discolor or degrade
  • Tested to slip resistant BS 8204-6
  • SuDS compliant permeable paving 850+ liters/m²/minute
  • Natural & Recycled aggregate available
  • Low maintenance
  • Installation depth of 40-50mm
  • All aggregates selected to reduce chances of rust appearing
  • Optimised ratio of resin to aggregate mix blends in line with industry standards
  • Foot traffic after 14-15 hours @ 20°c
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001
  • Made in UK

LimeTreePit contractors

LimeTreePit Natural UV is a specialist product and must only be applied by specialist applicators. Do not apply or allow it to be applied by contractors who do not possess the necessary experience. You should consider appointing a Limegate Solutions Approved Contractor.

Shelf life & storage

Shelf life of LimeTreePit Natural UV Resin is 6 months, aggregates have an unlimited shelf life. Store materials in clean, dry, frost free warehouse conditions between 5°C and 25°C.

Protect from sunlight.

Mix design & pack sizes


LimeTreePit Natural UV Resin


(4x 25kg bags)

LimeTreePit Natural UV Aggregate


LimeTreePit Natural UV Fine Aggregate

Health & safety

Please refer to Limegate Solutions LimeTreePit Natural UV Safety Data Sheet.

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Coverage rates for individual blends can vary. Average rate for reference: 1.6m² @ 40mm

Please refer to:

Limegate Solutions LimeTreePit Natural UV Mix Blend & Aggregate sheet. Coverage is based on application to a smooth flat surface and will vary when applied to undulating surfaces, according to compaction, and to the aggregate grading, which can change from batch to batch. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Working times & temperatures

Working time is affected by temperature; at temperatures above the maximum recommended 25°C the pot life and working time may be insufficient to allow a wet edge to be maintained. Do not therefore proceed when product and/or air temperature exceeds recommendations. The air temperature must be monitored during application and work should stop when the temperature exceeds recommendations. Care must be taken to keep materials as cool as possible in warm weather. At low temperatures 5°C and below the resin will not flow sufficiently to achieve a smooth finish and work should not proceed.

Substrate requirements

LimeTreePit Natural UV is designed for foot traffic and occasional low vehicular traffic.

Please refer to:
Limegate Solutions LimeTreePit Natural UV Base Build Up Sheets for individual substrate requirements.

Site attendance

When on site Limegate Solutions representatives are if asked, able to give a general indication of the correct method of installing Limegate Solutions products. It is important to bear in mind that Limegate Solutions is a supplier and not an application contractor and it is therefore the responsibility of the contractor and his employer to ensure he is aware of the correct practices and procedures to ensure the correct installation of the product and that liability for its correct installation is with the contractor and not with Limegate Solutions Ltd.


Product: LimeTreePit Natural UV
Thickness: 40mm/50mm (dependant on required usage)
Aggregate: (select mix blend as required)

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