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LimeRubber SoftPlay Surfacing is a system consisting of either rubber EPDM granule and/or rubber mulch and a quality non-UV aromatic binder resin for pedestrian traffic. UV stable aliphatic binders are available where colour and optimum performance is required. The system is used to create a permeable, highly decorative, safe surface which absorb sound and impact and can be installed onto a sound stable and solid base such as concrete or no fines concrete or mac-adam/asphalt surface. When installed onto a SBR granule shockpad the system will conform to the requirements of the CFH (Critical Fall Height) guidance notes for the safety of children using a variety of playground apparatus. Ideal for children playgrounds surfaces where critical fall height requirements are a major consideration, Sports Surfaces (Athletics Tracks, Hockey & Football Pitches, Multi-use Games Areas), Walkways, Golf bunker linings, Tree Pits, swimming pool surrounds, universities, schools, colleges and multiple Landscaping projects.


  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Colour Swatch (Mix Blends)
  • Base build ups
  • Additional information

Key benefits

  • Maintains surface colour during wear
  • SuDS provides excellent drainage (EPDM Graded to 1.0 — 4.0mm)
  • High elasticity and wear resistance
  • (Elongation at Break ≥ 650 % Tensile Strength > 6.0 Mpa)
  • Low density for excellent coverage (1.60 ± 0.05 g/cm³)
  • Minimum EPDM content > 20% Non toxic
  • Binder Single component & Solvent free

Services available

  • Technical support
  • Installation and setup
  • Maintenance
  • Application support
  • Hardware support
  • Guaranteed warranty

Binder/resin & rubber granules

LimeRubber polyurethane binder is designed specifically for bonding rubber granules and other rubber products. The binder is available as an Aromatic isocyanate (standard) or an Aliphatic prepolymer (UV resistant) on request. Both products are single component, moisture curing, medium viscosity polyurethane binders. The rubber EPDM and/or Mulch/bark layer as a topping/wearing course is installed at 15mm onto a suitable SBR shockpad or from 20mm when directly onto a solid base. Coloured EPDM granules are made from a compound of EPDM rubber, specialist pigment and UV stabilisers. The rubber compound is produced under carefully controlled factory conditions which are then granulated at high speed where dust is removed at every stage to ensure granules are as clean as possible. Thorough testing ensures that the physical and chemical properties are of high quality. The LimeRubber SBR shockpad/base is a recycled tyre granulate suitable for base layer applications. This is installed before a wearing layer at depths from 15mm to 130mm subject to CFH requirements. SBR tyre granules are produced from waste truck tyres, recycled by means of ambient grinding. The rubber mulch/bark is processed to remove steel, fibre and dust to produce a clean high quality rubber granulate.

Shelf Life & Storage

Shelf life of LimeTreePit Rubber & Mulch Resin is 6 months, EPDM & Mulch have an unlimited shelf life. Store materials in clean, dry, frost free warehouse conditions between 5°c and 25°c Protect from sunlight.

Features and benefits

  • High quality polyurethane binder/resin
  • Optimised ratio resin to rubber blend for optimum performance
  • Absorbent SuDS compliant system to drain surface water
  • 15mm onto shockpad and 20mm onto solid base.
  • Multiple colours available
  • Meets CFH (Critical Fall Height) requirements
  • Recycled for Environmental benefits
  • Flexible and strong
  • Low maintenance
  • In excess of 200m² can be installed per day
  • Members of FeRFA—The association for the Resin Bound Technical Committee
  • No additional cacogenic catalyst handling required on site
  • Approved contractors available for installation.

LimeRubber contractors

LimeRubber SafePlay & Rubber Mulch is a specialist product and must only be applied by specialist applicators. Do not apply or allow it to be applied by contractors who do not possess the necessary skills and experience. You should consider appointing a Limegate Solutions Approved Contractor.

Shelf life & storage

Shelf life of LimeRubber Resin is 6 months, rubber granules and rubber mulch have an unlimited shelf life. Store materials in clean, dry, frost free warehouse conditions between 5°C and 25°C.

Protect from sunlight.

Mix design & pack sizes

50kg (2x25kg bags) & 10kg binder

LimeRubber EPDM

20kg (2x10kg bags) & 4kg binder

LimeRubber Mulch

50kg (2x25kg bags) & 5kg binder

LimeRubber SBR

Available in 25kg & 220kg drums

LimeRubber & Mulch Binder

25kg Units

LimeRubber Primer

Health & safety

Please refer to Limegate Solutions LimeRubber SafePlay Safety Data Sheet.

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Coverage rates vary for the binder/resin due to a number of factors from application thickness to the type of rubber component used i.e. EPDM to rubber mulch/bark to SBR. Approximate yields are available on request, please contact Limegate Solutions technical department. 01959 546208

Working times & temperatures

Working time is affected by temperature; at temperatures above the maximum recommended 25oc the pot life and working time may be insufficient to allow a wet edge to be maintained. At low temperatures 5oC and below the resin will not flow sufficiently to achieve a smooth finish and work should not proceed. Do not therefore proceed when product and/or air temperature exceeds recommendations. The air temperature must be monitored during application and work should stop when the temperature exceeds recommendations. Care must be taken to keep materials as cool as possible in warm weather.

Traffic & Scuffing

LimeRubber SafePlay system is designed for foot traffic and occasional light service vehicle traffic. It is not to be used as a road surface for either domestic or commercial traffic.

Site attendance

When on site Limegate Solutions representatives are able, if asked, to give a general indication of the correct method of installing any Limegate Solutions product. It is important to bear in mind that Limegate Solutions is a supplier and not an application contractor and it is therefore the responsibility of the contractor and his employer to ensure he is aware of and implements the correct practices and procedures to ensure the correct installation of the product and that liability for its correct installation lies with the contractor and not with Limegate Solutions.


Product: LimeRubber SafePlay/Mulch
EPDM/Mulch thickness: 15mm/20mm/40mm/50mm (dependant on required usage)
EPDM colour: (select colour as required)
LimeRubber shockpad thickness: 25mm-115mm (dependant on required usage*) *LimeRubber Critical Fall Height Chart
Installation Contractor: Limegate Solutions Ltd Approved Contractor

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