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Resin driveways – your complete supply and installation solution in Suffolk.

Limegate Solutions are suppliers of permeable resin driveway solutions in Suffolk. Our resin products are changing the way homeowners use their driveways, giving you a surface that looks great and lasts for years. A resin driveway can add value and character to your home, refreshing its exterior in a simple, cost-effective way.


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Resin bound driveways and resin bonded driveways – what’s the

Both resins bound and resin bonded driveways come in a range of colours, and there are no loose stones, making them safe surfaces to walk on. However, there are also some important differences to understand when making a decision.

Resin bound


Resin bound driveways are laid onto tarmac, making them fully porous and allowing water to drain away completely – this means no dangerous standing water, that could freeze over or damage your driveway over time.

Why should you consider installing a resin bound driveway?

  • UV stability.
    Colour tone remains over time and isn’t faded by UV rays.
  • Permeable surface.
    A natural drainage system removes standing water.
  • Anti-slip.
    The material is smooth and accessible, yet still has great grip.

By installing a resin bound driveway you also get a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS), which is an excellent long-term drainage solution.

Resin bonded


Resin bonded driveways are a non-permeable solution, meaning it will not drain away rainwater. This is a tougher material, so will often be used in commercial and high-traffic areas.

These are some of the benefits:

  • Stronger grip.
    High traction on the surface makes it an excellent safety surface.
  • Value for money.
    Resin bonded driveways are less expensive to purchase and install.
  • Fast installation.
    You can have your new driveway in place quickly, as 2-3m2 can be laid per day.

The process of
installing a resin

This is what is required for your resin driveway:

Subgrade, and capping (this is optional)

Granular sub-base

Geotextile membrane

Resin-bonded or
resin-bound surfacing

Our tried and tested method of installing a resin driveway follows this method:

Step 1

Before the resin can be laid, a tarmac base is installed (this only applies to resin bound driveways).

Step 2

The resin and aggregates are combined, then are mixed together for 3-4 minutes.

Step 3

Using a trowel, the solution is then evenly spread across the driveway by hand to achieve the best finish.

Step 4

Only once uniform coverage has been achieved can we then leave it to cure for 4-6 hours. 24 hours later it is usually fine to walk across, before cars and vehicles can use it 3-4 days later.

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The resin driveway experts in

There is no better way to transform the outside of your home than with a new resin driveway. If you have a concrete or asphalt driveway, you can leave this in place. Our resin solutions can be installed over existing driveways of these materials, cutting down installation time and cost.

As part of our service we offer a free site survey. All you have to do when you get in touch is let us know a good time to visit your property. This allows us to examine the driveway and potential project in more detail, while you can get all the answers you need right there and then.

Simple installation.

There is no lengthy process involved, as we can have the resin driveway in place in a short period of time.

Excellent quality control.

Our quality control process is extremely detailed to ensure only the best quality products are available to our customers.

Free quote.

Once we take the measurements and discuss your options, your non-obligatory quote will feature all material, labour and VAT costs.

Customer service.

We handle everything in-house so you have one point of contact throughout the entire project.


Limegate Solutions have become recommended suppliers of resin driveways in Suffolk because we have helped many property owners in and around the region. We have over 80 year’s collective experience in the trade and maintain the highest levels of workmanship on every project we undertake. Our customers’ needs are the most important thing to us and if you need comparative quotes before reaching a decision, we can also help you with that, passing on the details of other recommended suppliers. It’s all part of our commitment to our industry, building trust and ongoing relationships with customers and other tradespeople.