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Installing a brand new resin driveway in London will instantly transform the exterior of your home. It’s the perfect way for you as a homeowner to improve safety and add to the value of your property. This hardwearing and practical surface produces a fantastic finish that looks stunning outside of any house or building. Using a professional installation company like Limegate Solutions ensures it is installed correctly, so you can enjoy the benefits of a resin driveway for many years.


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Resin bound driveways and resin bonded driveways – what’s the

If you are just learning about resin driveways, it is important to know there are two different types available: resin bound or resin bonded. Both are similar in appearance – you can choose the perfect colour to suit the architecture of your property from a wide selection. Most importantly, because both materials do not feature loose gravel stones, it significantly reduces the likelihood of anyone tripping.

Although these two durable materials look almost identical once installed, there are also some key differences to take note of:

Resin bound


The porous nature of resin-bound driveways is seen as a huge plus by many homeowners. In practice this means you will never see any standing water on the surface as it will always be drained by the material.

To understand why resin bound driveways are so popular, here are a few more key advantages.

  • UV stability.
    No matter how long it is exposed to direct sunlight it will not fade.
  • Porous material.
    You never have to worry about puddles or standing water as it drains away.
  • Anti-slip.
    Even in the wettest conditions the anti-slip technology always keeps you safe.

Installing a resin-bound driveway will also ensure you own a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS), meeting industry standards.

Resin bonded


While a resin bound driveway will always drain away rainwater from the surface, resin bonded driveways are not porous. In the vast majority of cases resin bonded driveways are used in spaces that experience high traffic levels, their durability helping to increase safety.

Before you install a resin bonded driveway you should always consider the following:

  • High friction.
    If you live in a high traffic area this is the best material to choose.
  • Lower costs.
    A great way to save money if you are working to a tight budget.
  • Fast installation.
    We can lay down anywhere between 2-3m2 per day.

The process of
installing a resin

Resin driveways are usually made up of the following:

Subgrade, and capping (if needed)

Granular sub-base

Geotextile membrane

Resin-bonded or
resin-bound surfacing

In order to install a professional resin driveway, we follow this procedure:

Step 1

A tarmac base is laid down for customers who are having a resin bound driveway, as this makes it completely porous.

Step 2

In order to mix the resin successfully, there are two stages to complete. After going into a forced action mixer with dried aggregates, the resin is then thoroughly mixed for 3-4 minutes.

Step 3

The next step involves laying the mixture onto the driveway. We do this manually using a trowel to guarantee a smooth finish.

Step 4

The resin has to be left to cure for 4-6 hours. Usually, homeowners can walk across it within 24 hours and drive vehicles onto the material after 3-4 days.

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We make the installation of resin driveways easy because we handle everything from start to finish. Homeowners only have to pick out the colour they want and the edgings to fit on the side of the driveway. We can even help you with that, if you are not sure which ones to pick.

At Limegate Solutions we are resin driveway experts. We have the capacity to supply everything you need to enjoy the perfect driveway. It is one of the many reasons why so many new and existing customers return to use our services time and again.

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There are only a small number of specialist resin suppliers in the UK, and Limegate Solutions lead the way. We put stringent rules and guidelines in place to ensure only approved contractors can use our products for installation. It is often advised that customers receive at least three quotes before making a decision on an installer. To prove our honesty and transparency we are able to recommend two other companies who can provide a quote. That’s how confident we are that our service and knowledge of resin driveways will give you exactly what you need.