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Every driveway needs a hardwearing and reliable material that will guarantee value for money, and safety for the residents using it. This is exactly what our resin driveways provide, which is why they are frequently installed in homes across Hertfordshire. Our resin systems offer a cost-effective solution for your driveway, and if you have an existing concrete or asphalt surface, we can often install resin directly over the top of it. Simply pick from one of the many colours available and the Limegate Solutions team will do the rest..


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Resin bound driveways and resin bonded driveways – what’s the

Homeowners have the option to choose between a resin bound or a resin bonded driveway. Both types of resin driveway can be purchased in a variety of colours and neither contain any loose gravel stones, keeping residents safe as they walk across the surface. However, there are some fundamental differences you should understand between the two.

Resin bound


As a porous material, resin bound solutions allow rainwater to drain away so you are not left with puddles or standing water. They can also be installed over existing asphalt and concrete materials, reducing installation time..

Homeowners often invest in resin bound driveways for three key reasons:

  • UV protection.
    The colour of resin bound driveways will not fade under intense sunlight.
  • Water drainage.
    As a porous material the solution keeps water away from the surface area.
  • Anti-slip.
    The surface provides excellent grip, and there are no puddles that could freeze over.

A resin bound driveway is classified as a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS), providing a natural method of water drainage.

Resin bonded


Public areas often require materials that provide extremely high levels of durability due to the amount of traffic they experience. That is one of the main reasons why resin bonded solutions might be preferred, making the immediate environment much safer.

Installing a resin bonded driveway will offer the following benefits:

  • High friction.
    The anti-skid nature of the material benefits vehicular and foot traffic..
  • Cost effectiveness.
    Not only is it relatively cheap, but it will last for years to come.
  • Fast installation.
    It can be laid and used in no time at all, causing minimal disruption.

The process of
installing a resin

When we install a resin driveway, the following elements are always included:

Subgrade, and capping (optional)

Granular sub-base

Geotextile membrane

Resin-bonded or
resin-bound surfacing

A complete installation of a resin driveway only requires four simple steps:

Step 1

A tarmac base is installed for anyone who has ordered a resin bound driveway. This ensures the upper layer can drain away water successfully.

Step 2

Using a forced action mixer, we blend together dried aggregates with the resin. Once completed, the solution goes through a further mixing process for 3-4 minutes.

Step 3

The solution is now ready to be laid, which is done manually using a trowel to ensure the perfect finish.

Step 4

4-6 hours is all that is needed for the material to cure. 24 hours later it can be walked on, and vehicles can drive on it after 3-4 days.

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The resin driveway experts in

The great news is that our resin driveways are available quickly to customers in Hertfordshire.. The highly advanced material offers an affordable solution to every homeowner, transforming your property in the process. We’ve installed many driveways across Hertfordshire,, and our expert team are passionate about giving you full value for money.

If you are not sure about which colour to choose, or the right type of edgings to install on the driveway, we can provide guidance. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase and do everything we can to help.

We offer:

Easy Installation.

Resin driveways can be installed over concrete and asphalt, making the process quick to complete.

Excellent quality control.

We manufacture our own products which means they meet the high standards you expect.

Free quote and survey.

We’ll visit your home at a time that suits you, basing our quote on your exact requirements for your driveway.

Dedicated customer service.

Homeowners use Limegate Solutions not only for our technical knowledge, but because we care about our customers as well.


Not only are we one of only a few specialist resin driveway suppliers in the UK, but we are seen by many as the go-to choice. Our knowledge of resin driveways is second to none, as is our ability to provide a service that ensures our customers always get full value for money. We believe in transparency from start to finish, and as such, we are able to recommend other suppliers who can provide comparative quotes if you would like to obtain others before proceeding. By working together with similar companies, we ensure you can feel fully confident in our service.