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In today’s world when homeowners are looking for a new driveway, they are searching for a solution that is not only environmentally friendly, but also safe and the perfect aesthetic fit for their property. Resin driveways tick all of those boxes and more, providing an affordable option for anyone living in and around the Hampshire region. Resin driveways are a major advancement in surfacing technology and are not only quick and easy to install, but also require very little maintenance to keep them in great condition. It’s the ideal way to transform the exterior of your property while delivering real value for money.


We are experts in installing resin driveways in Hampshire.

Resin bound driveways and resin bonded driveways – what’s the

There are two different resin systems available, with both offering excellent performance. Both types of resin give the appearance of gravel, without the trip hazard of any loose stones, making them a much safer option. There is also a wide range of colours available, so you will definitely be able to find something that complements your home.

There are also some key differences – here is a summary of both types of resin surfacing:

Resin bound


Resin bound solutions can be installed quickly if you have an existing concrete or asphalt base, as the resin can be laid directly on top of these materials. The resin surface is also porous, draining away excess rainwater so that you don’t have standing surface water and puddles.

Resin bound driveways are a fantastic option for a number of reasons, including:

  • UV resistant.
    The material retains its colour in direct sunlight.
  • Porous material.
    No standing water is left as it acts as a natural drainage system.
  • Anti-slip.
    The surface has good grip and a non-slip finish.

As a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS), a resin driveway provides a sustainable and eco-friendly method of clearing excess water.

Resin bonded


You will often find resin bonded driveways installed in public spaces, or areas that are more likely to receive high amounts of traffic. It is an extremely safe material and is one of the most durable systems available today.

Reasons to consider installing a resin bonded driveway could include:

  • High friction.
    As a high friction surface, it is perfect for busy areas.
  • Low price.
    Resin bonded driveways offer excellent value for money.
  • Speedy installation.
    You can be back using your driveway within a short space of time.

The process of
installing a resin

The following components make up a resin driveway:

Subgrade, and capping (optional)

Granular sub-base

Geotextile membrane

Resin-bonded or
resin-bound surfacing

When we arrive at your home to install your resin driveway, we follow these steps:

Step 1

To ensure complete drainage of water for a resin bound driveway, we always install tarmac as the foundation.

Step 2

Dried aggregates are mixed together with the resin inside a forced action mixer during the first stage of mixing. It is then blended for a further 3-4 minutes.

Step 3

We lay the mixture manually onto the driveway using a trowel, which enables us to produce a smooth and even finish.

Step 4

The new resin driveway is then left to cure for 4-6 hours. Homeowners can walk on it within 24 hours and move their cars back into place within 3-4 days.

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The resin driveway experts in

Resin driveways provide the perfect finishing touch for any Hampshire home. It’s a service we’ve delivered to many property owners in the region, helping both commercial and domestic customers. We understand that every project is different and each property has its individual requirements, which is why we offer bespoke advice each and every time.

We’ll visit your home and discuss the options available to you, answering all your questions and helping you to pick the right colour and style.

This is an important investment for your family and home, which makes it important you get exactly what you need.

Simple Installation.

There is no hassle or stress involved, as a resin driveway can be in place and in use within a 24 hour window.

High quality control.

You not only get a great price but a product that has been quality tested within our own manufacturing facility.

Free site survey.

To ensure we understand your requirements, we’ll visit your property to assess the driveway in detail, for free.

Customer service.

A great price and product is not enough – we want you to feel supported and at ease every step of the way.


We have developed our reputation as the leading supplier of resin driveways in Hampshire through word of mouth and recommendations from our satisfied customers. We’re proud of the services we offer and are only ever happy when our customers are too. We believe in going above and beyond just providing a product, which is why we can also help you find additional quotes for your driveway if you want to get three quotes before going ahead. It’s one of the many ways we want to continue to improve transparency in the industry to ensure customers always get value for money.