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Are you a homeowner thinking about a new driveway? Are you wondering about the benefits that different materials could bring? Have you considered resin driveways in Essex? This type of driveway could meet all your needs in one, adding a stunning finish to your home whilst also being a practical and hardwearing surface. You could be enjoying your resin driveway for many years into the future – especially if you have it installed by experts like us.


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Resin bound driveways and resin bonded driveways – what’s the

When you are choosing a resin driveway, you will have two key choices: resin bound or resin bonded. Both are a premium type of material and are similar in appearance, designed to look like gravel in a variety of colours, but in a much safer way without the trip hazard of loose stones. You might also hear them being called gravel glue driveways or bound gravel driveways. However, the two have some fundamental differences when it comes to the performance you require.

Here are the key facts you need to know to help you in making your decision:

Resin bound


Resin-bound driveways are fully porous, which is why many homeowners choose this option. There will be no issues with standing water because the material allows for drainage and rain will not collect on the surface.

These are some of the reasons you might choose a resin bound driveway:

  • UV stable.
    The aggregate used will not fade in the sun.
  • Porous.
    Rain will drain away, so there is no standing water.
  • Slip resistant.
    Resin bound surfaces have a non-slip finish.

By being fully porous, your driveway will comply with government regulations for sustainable drainage systems, known as SuDS.

Resin bonded


The main difference between resin bound and resin bonded is that resin bonded drives are not porous. You would generally opt for a resin bonded driveway in a high traffic area, where durability and safety are the main concerns.

These are some of the reasons you might choose a resin bonded driveway:

  • High friction.
    It’s a very safe surface and perfect for busy areas.
  • Cost effective.
    Installation is cheaper than a resin bound surface.
  • Quicker to install.
    We can lay around 2-3m2 per day.

The process of
installing a resin

A resin driveway is made up of:

Subgrade, and capping if required

Geotextile membrane

Granular sub-base

Resin-bonded or
resin-bound surfacing

This is what happens when we lay your new driveway:

Step 1

We carry out any groundworks required, laying a tarmac base if you choose a resin bound driveway to ensure it is fully porous.

Step 2

The resin is mixed in two parts, poured into a forced action mixer with dried aggregates and mixed for 3-4 minutes.

Step 3

The mixture is spread out over the required area. It is applied by hand using a trowel to give an even finish.

Step 4

The mixture takes 4-6 hours to cure. Typically, it can be walked on within 24 hours and driven on within 3-4 days.

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The resin driveway experts in

The most beneficial aspect of our service is that we take care of absolutely everything for you. As a homeowner, you won’t need to worry about anything beyond choosing the colour of your resin and deciding on the edgings that will complement it. And we can even help you with that if you want our expert opinion.

We provide an all-round service, from selling ancillaries and resin to installing driveways. This makes us resin bonded and resin bound experts

here are some reasons why customers choose us:

Complete control of product quality.

We manufacture our own resin, so we know it will be of a consistently high quality.

Installation experts.

Our team can both supply and install resin driveways for you, project managing from start to finish.

Free quotations.

A member of our team will come to your home to carry out a survey and provide you with a full quote.

Full advice and support.

We know our product range inside out and will be happy to offer you advice wherever needed.


As one of the UK’s few specialist resin suppliers, we work with approved contractors, which means any resin company will have been thoroughly vetted. If you are looking to get the three recommended quotes before selecting a contractor, we will be happy to recommend two others you can contact in addition to us. We are passionate about working towards a safe, high quality industry, and we believe that by working together with other contractors, we can achieve the very best results.