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When you are looking to install a new driveway outside of your home, you need a reliable and hardwearing material that is not only safe, but provides real value for money. Our resin driveways deliver all of that and more, adding a stunning finishing touch to your property. Not only can they can installed within a day and sometimes even be back in use within 24 hours, the maintenance levels required are extremely low, allowing you to get on with your day without any unnecessary stresses and worries.


Thinking about installing a new resin driveway in Bedfordshire?

Resin bound driveways and resin bonded driveways – what’s the

One of the first things you’ll notice is that resin bound and resin bonded driveways sound very similar. There certainly are similarities – the nature of the resin mixture means neither product features loose gravel stones, making them safe to walk on. Both are also available in a wide variety of colours.

To help you find the right resin solution for your driveway, here are some facts about resin bound solutions:

Resin bound


The main thing to know is that resin bound surfaces allow rainwater to permeate and drain away. This means no standing water and a safe surface to walk on.

Why do homeowners prefer to install resin bound driveway outside of their homes?

  • UV stability.
    The material will not fade and discolour in sunlight.
  • Porous material.
    Resin bound is a natural drainage system that removes all water.
  • Slip resistance.
    Resin bound driveways feature a non-slip finish as standard.

A Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) should be installed on the driveway to help the local environment – installing a resin bound driveway is a much greener option, and much better for your home.

Resin bonded


The grip and traction provided by resin bonded driveways make them a great fit for areas that have high usage levels. Resin bonded driveways are not porous, but are recommended for their durability and stability.

What sort of benefits can homeowners enjoy by installing a resin bonded driveway?

  • Grip.
    As a high friction surface, resin bonded driveways are very safe.
  • Lower cost.
    This is an affordable option for your driveway.
  • Fast installation.
    We can lay around 2-3m2 per day.

The process of
installing a resin

A high performance resin driveway only requires a small number of elements:

Subgrade, and capping (if required)

Granular sub-base

Geotextile membrane

Resin-bonded or
resin-bound surfacing

The reason we can install a resin driveway so quickly is due to this simple process:

Step 1

If you have opted for a resin driveway, we first install a tarmac base which will allow for the drainage of water from the resin layer above.

Step 2

Our careful mixing of the resin solution goes through two stages: firstly, dried aggregates are added into the blend using a forced action mixer. A further 3-4 minutes of mixing is then needed.

Step 3

The team then proceed to lay down the resin solution by hand to ensure a perfectly even finish.

Step 4

We then leave it to cure for 4-6 hours. Homeowners can usually start to make use of the surface within 24 hours.

Get in touch

We’re always available to help with your request for a new resin driveway. To book in a free site survey, contact us today to find a time that suits you.

The resin driveway experts in

From the moment you make an enquiry about our resin driveways, right through until the installation has finished, we aim to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. We understand that not everyone is familiar with resin driveways, so our team are always on hand to help.

Whether it’s selecting the edgings for your driveway to provide the finishing touch, or assistance with picking out the right colour to match your property, our years of experience are yours to utilise. Homeowners in Bedfordshire choose to work with Limegate Solutions for the following reasons:

Hassle free installation.

We handle everything, leaving you to enjoy your brand-new resin driveway in no time at all.

Dedicated quality control.

Every product is manufactured under our full control, meaning our customers always get access to the best materials.

Free quotation.

Our free, non-obligatory quote will break down all the costs with no last-minute surprises added on.

Customer service.

Not only do you get the best products in Bedfordshire, but ongoing support from our dedicated customer service team.


Customers can have complete peace of mind that we only work with verified and approved contractors, ensuring the quality of the service is exceptionally high. This is how we have become one of the leading suppliers of resin driveways in Bedfordshire. We also work closely with likeminded resin companies to improve transparency with our customers. Along with our own quote we can also provide details of other suppliers so you can choose from a selection before investing in a brand new resin driveway.